FAQ: Wholesale Designer Handbags & Clothing

Question: Where can I find an up-to-date directory of suppliers that wholesale designer handbags? I bought a list from the eBay, but it turned out to be a complete scam because it contained outdated information.

Answer: You can obtain a comprehensive list of legitimate suppliers that wholesale designer handbags from the link below:


If you are also looking for wholesale designer clothing, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, watches, perfumes and other accessories, you should definitely take a look at the site below:


These are probably the best lists of suppliers you can find online. The directories includes suppliers of Gucci, Prada, Fendi, JP Tod's, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Coach and many others. The authors of these web sites are regularly updating the lists. For every wholesaler included you get their phone numbers, email addresses, web site, names of people to talk to and instructions on how to order from the companies. All sources in the directory are regularly re-verified for accuracy.